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My Account

How Do I Create A World Kite Account?

Signing up to World Kite app is very easy. You fill your email address and your personal information (Name, Surname and age). Once you have filled in your information, you will be asked to create your password. And your World Kite account will be ready.

Can I Change My Information After I Create My Account?

Yes, you can. If you go to ‘’Settings’’, you will be able to change your personal information, your password and to upload your profile photo.

How To Add Or Share My Account With Another Account?

Sharing your account with family members is simple. You will need to extend your account subscription. Then you can add your family’s member information and will be able to manage their travel data by choosing their country of residence and the relevant period they wish to track.


How Does The Travel Calendar Work?

The calendar works in conjunction with your geolocation to automatically calculate the number of days you spend either inside or outside a designated country for tax or residency purposes. You are able to customise the calendar by setting limits on the number of days you are able to spend in any one location. Once you are coming close to a pre – set limit you will receive a notification.


How Can I Add Travel Documents?

To add a travel document, go to settings and select the option ‘Add a travel Document’’ under the Travel Documents section. You can then scan your travel document and fill the Issue & Expire dates. Press ‘’Add document’’ and your document will be added to your data.

Can I Update My Expired VISA Through Your App?

No you cannot. However if you need assistance renewing your visa, we can refer you to relevant partners for further help.


How Do I Organise My Trip?

Organizing your trip is very simple. You can plan your new trips and review all your travel records through ‘’Travel Planner’’. To set up a new travel plan, you just select ‘’New travel’’, under the date you wish to start your trip.

Can I See My Older Travel Plans?

‘’Travel Planner’’ records all your travel plans and allows you to see information of everywhere you have been whilst using the App. You are able to view your full breakdown on daily, monthly or yearly summary.


Can I Turn On Notifications?

Yes, you can. To turn on World Kite notifications go to:

Settings > Reminders & Turn on the option

Security & Safety

Are My Added Travel Documents Safe?

They absolutely are. You also have the added option to lock your travel documents for an extra layer of security. You can go to settings and under the section ‘’Travel Documents’’, you will find the option to lock your documents by adding a password.

Is My Data Secure?

Yes, your data is secure with us. The safety and privacy of your data is our main priority. We work with third-party security experts to keep our database safe and secure.